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MacOS Audio Enhancer


RAPPR is an immersive, customizable 3D sound environment for headphones on Mac OS. Its interface allows users to select from three presets (music, video, 5.1) along with an optional bass boost toggle and motion-sensing. When paired with Dysonics' Bluetooth motion-sensing hardware, RondoMotion, RAPPR pins the sound relative to the listener’s head rotation, simulating the feeling and depth of a live in-room audio experience. The app runs systemwide and is accessed via the top menubar.


On a wireframe level, RAPPR is a relatively straightforward piece of software. Much of its design challenges lied in visualizing audio playback and in its workflows to pair with the Bluetooth sensor.

RAPPR wireframe excerpt
RAPPR wireframe excerpt
RAPPR wireframe excerpt
RAPPR wireframe excerpt

VX Design

Once the client approved wireframes, the visual design process followed. With a clear blueprint of structure and features, applying a visual skin was relatively swift in this case.

RAPPR Music Mode
RAPPR Video Mode
RAPPR 5.1 Mode
RAPPR Sensor Settings view


RAPPR app icon


RAPPR website screenshot