Laptop displaying Rondo360 app


MacOS 360° Audio Spatializer


Rondo360 is a 360° audio spatializer for the Mac that works with all VST-compatible digital audio workstation apps. It allows for real-time positioning of any number of audio sources, perfect for creating immersive experiences for VR.


Working from a list of discrete technical and creative requirements from the client, I created and compiled an annotated deck of wireframes detailing interaction and features.

Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 wireframe excerpt

VX Design

Once the client approved wireframes, the visual design process followed. With a clear blueprint of structure and features, applying a visual skin was relatively swift in this case.

Rondo360 sign-in view
Rondo360, grouped audio sources
Rondo360, showing audio source with elevation
Rondo360, settings view
Rondo360, mixer view
Rondo360, audio source color picker


Rondo360 app icon Rondo360 2-color logotype


Rondo360 website screenshot