Laptop displaying Rondo360 app


MacOS 360° Audio Spatializer

What It Is

Rondo360 is a 360° audio spatializer for the Mac that works with all VST-compatible digital audio workstation apps. It allows for real-time positioning of any number of audio sources, perfect for creating immersive experiences for VR.

Product Objectives

  • Connect to digital audio workstation (DAW) software via VST or AU plug-in, to route audio sources into Rondo360
  • Allow repositioning of any single sound source in 360°, relative to adjustable origin
  • Allow ability to combine multiple audio sources together into one adjustable, relative grouping
  • Address 2D and 3D challenges of positioning in a single flat top-down interface
  • Signup/account creation tied to purchase and usage of app
  • Incorporate designs for secondary video and audio mixing tools, with an emphasis on the ability to mux audio/video directly from Rondo360
  • Integrate into product roadmap by facilitating connectivity of Bluetooth hardware motion sensor to simulate real-time head-tracking

Product UX & VX

In direct communication with executive stakeholders and other engineers, I worked from development proofs of concept to refine an initial feature set into a coherent set of wireframes. The app required using existing MacOS paradigms and conventions while expanding on the capabilities and interaction design of Dysonics’ previous mobile and MacOS utilities. Working with a VST plug-in, in-bound audio signals appear in the app with the ability to spatially position them, initially in a 2D 360 layout but eventually with a third axis of vertical pitch. Design iterated in collaboration with engineering to expand the feature set of the app as it approached a beta release for limited rollout. This required flexibility and agility in accommodating a rapidly evolving set of requirements. Because the team was small, we were able to translate new features into the design, style the interface rapidly, and integrate those changes and design decisions into the software build. As a result, the app includes multiple alternate interfaces including a mixer and visualized video sync.

Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 wireframe excerpt
Rondo360 sign-in view
Rondo360, grouped audio sources
Rondo360, showing audio source with elevation
Rondo360, settings view
Rondo360, mixer view
Rondo360, audio source color picker


I was not only responsible for the UX and VX of the product itself, but I also designed its logotype and application icon as part of a larger visual vocabulary strategy for Dysonics.

Rondo360 app icon Rondo360 2-color logotype


I also was responsible for the design of the website collateral to market the product. The company wanted to emphasize its full spectrum of capabilities and its compatibility with DAW software, as well as introduce a tiered pricing system for scalability. The design was translated into WordPress by a third-party developer to integrate into their larger company site, which I’d also previously designed.

Rondo360 website screenshot