Salon&Savvy iPhone app


iPhone app


For the working salon professional, finding the right match with an employer can be a trial. Those looking for employment are often limited to whatever job listings happen to appear online, or whichever businesses happen to post that positions or chairs are open. The goal of Salon&Savvy is to allow businesses and salon workers to connect more efficiently; businesses can post available openings while salon professionals can reach out to express interest, cutting out the process of pounding the pavement and cold calling.


Small in scope and budget and focused in intent, the wireframing process for the app was fairly swift and concise. Key goals in the UX design process were focused around the two primary types of users: salon professionals and business owners.

For salon professionals, key workflows and features were account creation and, with it, profile creation and editing, browsing salons, and expressing interest in a job opening, which would put that user in touch with the business owner.

Salon&Savvy wireframe excerpt, edit profile
Salon&Savvy Wireframe excerpt, salon detail view

For salon owners, the app supports “claiming” ownership of the salon (i.e. proving that you are the business’s owner), editing salon details, and posting new job openings.

Salon&Savvy Wireframe excerpt, reorder views
Salon&Savvy Wireframe excerpt, select dashboard

VX Design

At its core, Salon&Savvy is a utility, and so its visual design was entirely in service of that functionality. The company brand was already in place, including its color palette and predominant sage green. The visual styling of the app largely came down to applying color and iconography in ways that felt clear and supportive of the brand and the app’s features.

Salon&Savvy app, sign in view
Salon&Savvy app, profile view
Salon&Savvy app, salon list view
Salon&Savvy app, salon detail view